Why Blu Cigs E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Why Blu Cigs E-Cigarettes Are Better Than Tobacco Cigarettes

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Everyone’s heard about how bad smoking can be for one’s health. However, cigarettes are so hard to give up. The nicotine can be so addictive. However, everything else in the cigarette is bad for you. What if someone told you there was a way you could smoke a cigarette without all the harmful side effects? That’s exactly what Blue Cigs are.

At first glance, Blu Cigs look just like a regular cigarette, but they are far from a regular cigarette. These cigarettes are actually canisters that look like cigarettes. You insert a nicotine cartridge into the canister to smoke. When you smoke the nicotine cartridge, the cigarette lights up. The unique thing about Blu Cigs is that they light up blue!

All-in-all, Blu Cigs are not only healthier for you, but very economical. Instead of spending hundreds, or perhaps even thousands of dollars each year on cigarettes, you just buy one canister and then follow it by buying nicotine cartridge refills. The price of replacement cartridges is way lower than the cost of buying regular cigarettes.

Blu Cigs are also called e-cigarettes, or electronic cigarettes. The nicotine cartridges are also sometimes referred to as e-cigarette refills. There are several different brands of e-cigarettes, however, Blu Cigs are the best. They are set apart from the crowd by having a blue light, instead of the standard red light. In addition, Blue Cigs works hard to make sure their prices are lower than any other e-cigarette company.

The e-cigarette is truly the next big thing. Soon enough the corner gas station will be carrying e-cigarette cartridges instead of the traditional cigarettes that they are stocked with today. Currently, though, e-cigarettes are a bit rarer. You may have to order your replacement cartridges online. If anything, though, this should increase their value to you. Since e-cigarettes are so rare, many people consider using them to be a status symbol. In addition, the unique blue glow of Blu Cigs make them even more of a status symbol. This is a cigarette you will truly stand out with.

If you are curious about Blu Cigs and want to give them a try, there are some Blu Cigs coupons available online. These coupons are available to both new and returning customers. The coupons make ordering your Blu Cig replacement cartridges that much better! After all, everyone loves to save money.

Blu Cigs are a unique, healthy, and affordable alternative to traditional cigarettes. They are the next cigarette. Don’t fall behind the times, use Blu Cigs coupons to try out an e-cigarette and see how you like it. You are sure to appreciate it and make the switch over from traditional cigarettes. So what are you waiting for? Try Blu Cigs with a special coupon offer today.

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