Tips for Using E-Cigarettes to Save Money

Tips for Using E-Cigarettes to Save Money

Friday, March 9th, 2012

E-cigarettes are an option that has become a viable alternative to smoking conventional cigarettes. The use of smoking bans in many states has limited the locations where smoking is permitted. People trying to quit the smoking habit can also benefit from a e-cigarette. To do this a user will need to research how much they can save if they desire a cheaper alternative.

Description of Unit

The name e-cigarette is also known as an electronic cigarette or a smokeless cigarette. This device uses an atomizer that heats a nicotine liquid contained in a refillable cartridge that turns to vapor, Users will then inhale this vapor what when exhaled gives the appearance of smoke.

Parts of an electronic cigarette

Powering the Unit

Batteries are used with these devices that need to be recharged. This can be done by plugging a plug for a unit into an electrical outlet. Some units are powered by using the USB port on a laptop or desktop computer. Once an atomizer is charged it can then be used to heat a refillable cartridge.

Cartridge Information

The average length of use for a refillable cartridge is between 12 and 24 hours. This means that users of an e-cigarette do not need to buy and carry one or more packs of cigarettes each day. Savings that result from the use of electronic cigarettes can be significant. To find how much you can save from the use of an electronic cigarette the cost of the device needs to be researched.

Device Costs

Costs for an e-cigarette machine will vary by type. Some units purchased on sale may be as low as $30 or as high as $90 or more depending on available features. The e-cigarette device is the atomizer and a cartridge that are connected together to look like a real cigarette.


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Calculate Savings

Multiply the cost that you pay for real packs of cigarettes each month by 12. This gives you the amount that is spent yearly for your smoking habit. You can find a ten bottle pack of liquid for use in electronic cigarettes online for under $20. You can then add up the cost for the e-cigarette machine and the bottles of liquid. If the total is less than your monthly cost for real cigarettes, then you can save money you are otherwise going to spend.

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