Silent Dangers: Risks with Electronic Cigarettes

Silent Dangers: Risks with Electronic Cigarettes

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Let us be honest, in the early 2000s, when ecigarettes became popular, it seemed like a fantastic idea. No one could deny that this was the in thing. On top of that, it seemed like the best solution to limit dangerous smoking habits. Now, going to 2011, we see countries like US and UK creating controls related to the electronic cigarettes. This is due to the unfounded claims that it can minimize the occurrence of smoking addiction and dependence. Right now, a number of brands are under the radar until further studies are made regarding the services. It is necessary that you know the negative side effects and how the dangers can affect the body. Here are some of the components that could result to health risks.

It is necessary to know the possible dangers of electronic cigarettes and how such things should be addressed. Here are the most common components if the ecigs and what they are made of.

Electronic cigarette dangers, ecig side effects

Let us start with the component called Diethylene glycol. This component was said to be present in anti-freeze components. When inhaled, the person can get irritated. This is one of the dangers of the ecigs. One consideration is toxicity. Some brands of the cigarettes were said to contain traces of carcinogenic components. It is not when you inhale the smoke. This is of the cigarette gets broken. Those components could leak and result to problems.

Nicotine is present in both NRT and the electronic cigarettes. It can be risky if the liquid nicotine gets sucked by the mouth. For smokers, it is necessary to take the time and do not inhale the smoke for too long. Some smokes contain some chemicals that can affect the brain by damaging the processes. In certain cases, the cigarette is used as a tool to smoke things like marijuana resins. Misuse can often lead to health risks.

Looking at the negative side effects of this product, you can see the reason why the FDA calls the attention of companies with companies selling the cigarettes. The inconsistencies in the manufacturing of the product subject it to a lot of criticisms. The FDA is asking the manufacturers to be transparent with their manufacturing processes to ensure that the products they sell follow strict rules and are made in the highest possible manner. It is also necessary to ensure that the companies stop promoting these electronic cigarettes as solutions against smoking as there are no proven claims for such a statement.

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