Is the Vapor King a Good Electronic Cigarette?

Is the Vapor King a Good Electronic Cigarette?

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

One of the latest product trends to hit the market is the e cigarette. Smokers across the nation have been feeling the squeeze if not from their lungs, then certainly from the dwindling smoking areas available to them these days. Whatever the reasons may be for this new swing, the disposable ecig has been a welcomed alternative to smokers. But not all electronic cigarettes are created equal.

One of the pioneers of this latest trend is Vapor King. Their patented device has helped numerous people curb and even rid their smoking habits for good. Smokers inhale a harmless water vapor to give the sensation of actually smoking. It even has the appearance of it when the user exhales the vapor. Only this smoke doesn’t disturb those within close proximity.

A Look at the Vapor King’s Products

Vapor King starter kitThe device heats up the filter end by a charged battery or by plugging the device into a USB port on a computer. There’s even a design made for use in a vehicle for those who would like to use it while traveling. Vapor King offers a library full of flavors to choose from including: pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, cappuccino, and a long list of others. Some have a small amount of nicotine in the e liquid, while other people can choose not to have any nicotine in their mix at all.


Many people make the mistake of trying to replace the cigarettes with a tobacco-flavored vapor. But shortly after the taste buds begin to return to the former smoker, the tobacco flavor tastes awful.

Getting all the pieces to this new habit are expensive on the front end. Once the user has the e-cigarette starter kit, they can begin buying the refill bottles on a weekly or monthly basis. After this the savings are enormous in comparison to the smoking habit. But as mentioned before it is kind of costly getting started. Of course, the end result is well worth it.

Vapor King atomizers/cartridges

Another way to curb some of the upfront costs would be to find a Vapor King coupon code. A quick search on our site or on Google will likely pull up some codes to use. They are definitely worth seeking out while getting started with the kit.

Vapor King is a fantastic way for smokers to curb their habits. This pioneer has revolutionized the industry of practical tobacco use alternatives. And they are saving lives as a result of their persistence.

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