Choosing and Apollo Ecig Starter Kit

Choosing and Apollo Ecig Starter Kit

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

Smoking in public places, businesses, and airports is not permitted by law due to the negative impact of secondhand smoke. Fortunately there is a way a smoker can still enjoy a good smoke without harming anyone nearby. Why should smokers have to give up their enjoyment of socializing in bars and pubs when a simple change to an electronic cigarettes will provide both? Apollo Ecig is one of the companies that understands what it’s like not to be able to smoke where you want and having to worry about the harm you might cause to people in your environment. They were one of the first brands to start selling e-cigarettes along with all the necessary accessories to enjoy the advantages of electronic smoking. The brand has a handful of interesting ecig kits, and we decided to make a summary of all of them.

Ecig Standard Kit

Apollo Ecig's standard kitThe Apollo Ecig Standard Kit includes the charger pack for taking on the go, 2 lithium rechargeable batteries, the USB charger with wall adaptor, 5 extra cartomizers and choice of flavors. This kit contains 300 puffs, which equals about a pack of cigarettes. Another benefit is that all products have a 100% money back promise and free shipping.

Extreme Kit

The Apollo extreme kitThe Apollo Extreme Kit is perfect for those who smoke one to two packs of regular cigarettes per day, because the vapor is aromatic and the hit when inhaled is felt in the throat. The slim design makes this Ecig user friendly, and with the inclusion of two 280mAh batteries, 5 cartomizers, and a USB charger that fits into the wall or the car’s cigarette lighter socket. This battery will last up to 3 hours and the puffs up to 400.

Elips Tank Kit

Apollo Ecig's elips kitThe Elips Tank Kit‘s cartomizer contains 16 drops of liquid each and with five extra included in each Ecig kit, these may be refilled over and over again. The ingredients in the e-liquid is pure nicotine up to 99%, glycol, choice of flavor and made in the USA.


Apollo Ecig's VTubeLastly, the VTube is an exciting product because not only does it come with a voltage regulator, it also has a high drain rechargeable battery, the charger, the carrying case, and will be available in stainless steel by the 30th of March.

All of these items, along with many other products, may be purchased with a special Apollo Ecig coupon that offers a neat 11% off on anything you order on their website. A starter kit combined with a discount code like the ones you find on our site make the perfect combo for experiencing an electronic cigarette for the very first time. Be sure to recommend this to your friends as well, for less than $50 you can start vaping away and discover what it’s like to be 100% smoke-free while still being able to enjoy a cigarette.

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