Bull Smoke: An E-Cigarette with Just 2 Components

Bull Smoke: An E-Cigarette with Just 2 Components

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Bull Smoke is the new kid on the block, and, boy, does it have a kick. This new innovation in e-cigarette technology makes the smoking experience not only easier than the traditional 3-piece e-cigarette, but also safer as far as health goes.

The Genius of Simplicity

The most distinct feature of the Bull Smoke is its construction. The device has two components: the disposable filter cartridge and the battery. Unlike the 3-piece where they are separate, the filter and atomizer here comprise just one piece, which lasts longer than its counterpart and is harmless since it has no carcinogens of any kind. It does, however, contain a nicotine pad set at any one of five different potency levels to accommodate the smoker’s tolerance and preference. This filter allows for smooth inhalation with no actual smoke and minimal vapor—only flavor!

The power behind the Bull Smoke is a 3.6 long-life lithium rechargeable battery with a duration equivalent to 25 regular cigarettes. This is the most advanced kind of battery as far as e-cigarette technology goes, and can be used on and on.

The only thing smokers have to do is screw together the battery and refill cartridge and they are ready to go. Each smoking experience is a guaranteed fresh and exhilarating one.

Two Simple Pieces at One Decreasingly Low Price

The starter kits for both Bull Smoke products, the City Slicker® and Ranch Hand®, come stocked abundantly with both pieces: a 5- or 9-pack of assorted individually wrapped exotic-flavored refill cartridges and two rechargeable batteries along with a USB charger and an adaptor for extra power. The life of the battery depends on the smoker’s frequency of use. To complete the kit are a user’s manual and a carry case with a magnetic flap for safe travel. All of this comes at the online price of $59.00

Of course, those interested in trying the Bull Smoke 2-piece e-cigarette can save money by signing up for an account at the company website where they can garner Reward Points® that serve as discount, and this is aside from further savings provided by Bull Smoke coupon codes, which can be found at any number of sites like ours specializing in e-cigarette products or retail sales strategies. That $59.00, which is already a great deal, can drop really fast.

Those looking for a safe, easy and cheap way to enjoy smoking are encouraged to try Bull Smoke. This 2-piece e-cigarette is currently the most advanced innovation on the market, so smokers cannot do better.

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